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Evan Byrne Software Development


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About Us

I have been solving organizational problems with strategic software engineering for over a decade. During my tenure, I have proudly shipped solutions for organizations such as MIT, United Nations World Food Programme, Fiat Chrysler, Southern Poverty Law Center, The Atlantic, and many others.

Services I Offer:

- Team Management. Even the most talented developers are ineffective without strategic leadership. I bring a kind, communicative, and process-oriented approach to the teams I manage, which enables individuals to realize their full potential.
- Full-Stack Web Development. Building websites and web applications is what I grew up doing. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of popular programming languages, frameworks, and content management systems. Whether your project is a humble website or an expansive constellation of services, I will guide you through picking the appropriate software for your business needs.
- Cloud DevOps. Moving software from development to a live environment doesn't need to be a risky or costly experience. Take full advantage of your cloud infrastructure with professionally tailored containerization, cost management, testing pipelines, effortless deployments, scaling, monitoring, security compliance, backups, and more.