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Evan Byrne


Computer ProgrammerSoftware and Application DevelopersWebsite Development & Publishing

About Us

Welcome! My name is Evan. Creating software is my passion. I have been solving organizational problems with strategic software engineering for over a decade and started my own business in Traverse City in early 2021. During my time as a developer, I have proudly shipped solutions for both super massive organizations and small mom and pop operations. Here are the primary services I offer:

Full-Stack Web Development

Building websites and web applications is what I grew up doing. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of popular programming languages and tools. Whether your project is a humble website or an expansive constellation of services, I will guide you through picking the appropriate software for your business needs.

Team Management

Even the most talented developers are ineffective without strategic leadership. I bring a kind, communicative, and process-oriented approach to the teams I manage, which enables individuals to realize their full potential.


Moving software from development to a live environment doesn't need to be a risky or costly experience. Take full advantage of your cloud infrastructure with professionally tailored containerization, cost management, testing pipelines, effortless deployments, scaling, monitoring, security compliance, backups, and more.

Security Research

Security requires a comprehensive understanding of the technology stack and how people interact with it. I analyze codebases, write tests, develop security strategies, and even create exploits to make the world a safer place.


Southern Poverty Law Center
American Cancer Society
MIT / Solve
McChrystal Group